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Fendi Joseph
Comment from : Fendi Joseph

Blye Fox
Do you ever think of me
Comment from : Blye Fox

Autum Laakkonen
Comment from : Autum Laakkonen

Snethemba Nene
Nick minaj bbe I love you 20k❤️🖤👑😊🦄
Comment from : Snethemba Nene

Comment from : Rubén

Agent 47
This song hits hard only when you get cheated on.
Comment from : Agent 47

Dusty Hooker
It is my birthday and I am fucking kicking it.
Comment from : Dusty Hooker

mishen uthayakumar MA
How come I didn’t know about this song before 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Comment from : mishen uthayakumar MA

Talitha Johannah
Come on! I know you’re here 2020 😄
Comment from : Talitha Johannah

Emma svrcek
Comment from : Emma svrcek

Kristy here in 2020. I can’t believe I am actually feeling like this now.
Comment from : KOOL BREEZE

jean clear anunciado
Comment from : jean clear anunciado

pzza luvr
Boys that act like they love girls and they really dont those arent the boys we need. Its also really sad because the girls get depressed and sad cause of it and its not good because we can lose people cause of what their going through. Boys dont understand how sad girls get. And for the girls who got heartbroken im so sorry for u. There are still more and tons of fishes put their. Also take your time,u dont have to force urself to find someone. You are really beautiful and dont let anyone prove you wrong. And boys please just don't hurt anymore girls its just not right. This song actually made me think of how boys like that are so stupid and it makes me sad and angry. Girls dont let anyone bully u or tell u ur ugly ur truly beautiful. LOVE YOURSELF PLEASE!
Comment from : pzza luvr

Akash Persaud
Comment from : Akash Persaud

2020 still here

D Green
Listening in 2020 💯❤️
Comment from : D Green

Lalnun Tluanga
Dedicated to my boyfriend who keeps cheating on me even after several chances⚽
Comment from : Lalnun Tluanga

raynae Mackey
Comment from : raynae Mackey

Jahmeca aka Meca Jones
January 2020❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.....can I get 1000 likes
Dedicated to all those women going in with a new relationship and miss their husbands...........

Comment from : Jahmeca aka Meca Jones

Slim Tae
Comment from : Slim Tae

Shanagay Clare
2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Shanagay Clare

Rhea Campbell
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Rhea Campbell

ch b
Comment from : ch b

Twist Cornbread
Was about to finally tell this guy how I truly felt, went thru his messages, & hes talking to a bunch of women, bashing my name..but lays with me every night..cool.
Comment from : Twist Cornbread

Crazy Kaay
#SubScribe To my channel I’m a comedian ✅🗣❤️❤️
Comment from : Crazy Kaay

Cate Muthoni
2020 anyone listening
Comment from : Cate Muthoni

Juan Cardona
Rose Full Of Filth
Comment from : Juan Cardona

Bonnie Maynard
Hell yeah Nikki killed it 👹 never heard this
Comment from : Bonnie Maynard

Bonnie Maynard
Comment from : Bonnie Maynard

Candy R Wavy
2020 who's still here😢
Comment from : Candy R Wavy

Presh Montana
I'm back again 😁2020
Comment from : Presh Montana

asanda botha
2020 ❓


Comment from : asanda botha

2020 and still love it!

Patricia Cassandra Reyes
we sampan but who's trippin
Comment from : Patricia Cassandra Reyes

Pac Fic
Comment from : Pac Fic

Josing Compass
As to your Gracie is the most mam of anything
Comment from : Josing Compass

2020 07th

Ezekiel Marquez
I wish the skylar part was replaced with Billie Eilish and a slower beat that would blow up tbh
Comment from : Ezekiel Marquez

Amazing Amy
Skinny sick poor hiding from old friends lol I know
Comment from : Amazing Amy

Shamara Reid
2020 Anyone??? Still with this song... ugh it says everything I can’t.
Comment from : Shamara Reid

Sarah R Ellis
2020 🙏💯💔💔
Comment from : Sarah R Ellis

Shawna Kay Facey
Comment from : Shawna Kay Facey

Damah Serayah
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Damah Serayah

Robin Rogers
2k20 anyone?
Comment from : Robin Rogers

Aisha Theus
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Aisha Theus

Lalnunpuia Chhakchhuao
2020😅Moses laltlanhlu
Comment from : Lalnunpuia Chhakchhuao

Jennifer Ballantine
So many of us can relate to this
Comment from : Jennifer Ballantine

Mystery 101
Why wasn’t I enough for you?
Why did you make me feel so small
I loved you
But you didn’t love me

Comment from : Mystery 101

Jesse Williams
2020 here I come
Comment from : Jesse Williams

Yvan Mugabo
Please Carid Get a f**k don’t yell at Queen 👸
Comment from : Yvan Mugabo

Kj Mom
Omg ♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Kj Mom

do u think of me when u lie :)
Comment from : sun

Precious Sabeera
For all the fake ass niggas...playing wid innocent girls heart...
Comment from : Precious Sabeera

Alexas Brooks
Comment from : Alexas Brooks

Mariah Smith
Comment from : Mariah Smith

This song Nicki Minaj sung for Safaree Samuel😭😭😭😭he really hurt her so badddd😤I wish they were together till now😭😭😭😭he really be choosing white women over Nicki like WTFFF man
Comment from : SENAIT KAHSAY

lala Poppins
A thousand count and not a single thread of truth, classic . 2019
Comment from : lala Poppins

Jasmine Adele
never realized how many people in my life lie just to save face for themselves, hey blame it on me like I fucking care at the end of the fucking day i know who i am regardless of the lies the sell out the delusions.... just proved i shouldnt fuck with the liers.
Comment from : Jasmine Adele

Deidreann Johnson
2019 💋❗
Comment from : Deidreann Johnson

Muhammad Zainul Hasan
See you again (female version)
while sklylar grey as charlie puth

Comment from : Muhammad Zainul Hasan

Baliey Chatfield
Romantic Song
Comment from : Baliey Chatfield

free style ch

Comment from : free style ch

Zanbeno nchang Zanbeno nchang
Such a nostalgia song
Comment from : Zanbeno nchang Zanbeno nchang

Comment from : ももも

lane aloha
You say that i lied but you never publicly tried
Comment from : lane aloha

Lena Monique
I’ve gotten to the heart break side of YouTube idk how I got here but I’m not leaving
Comment from : Lena Monique

Kristal Price
I need to send these these to these guy I thought he like me ..
Comment from : Kristal Price

Comment from : IAmFullah

Nicole Onlyonechavez
And if he doesnt want me well life is hard but it is what it is . Cant make him love me if he dont but he does lol
Comment from : Nicole Onlyonechavez

Nicole Onlyonechavez
To those who believe I'd truly believe ur lies I love God and this man 2nd thanks good game !!!! I love truth not lies lol
Comment from : Nicole Onlyonechavez

Tuff Honesteaa
Damn they say your darkest hour come before your dawn
Comment from : Tuff Honesteaa

Angel Blue
It's sad that many people relate to this.🙁💔

But it's okay we will all get through it.❤

Comment from : Angel Blue

Shannen McGill-Smith
Get the fu k out don't yell at me
Comment from : Shannen McGill-Smith

Roxxy Queen
I adore this song so much
Comment from : Roxxy Queen

Delis Diaz
RS 😢💔🎶🎶🎧
Comment from : Delis Diaz

samantha thurman
I knew better than to trust you
Comment from : samantha thurman

1wayyd Broward
Comment from : 1wayyd Broward

Tamil Raja
Anyone in Nov 2019 that too at 02:27 AM👀
Comment from : Tamil Raja

Comment from : D J

Laure Mpongo
I dedicate this to Christ Gaukler
Comment from : Laure Mpongo

Carana Ivan
Comment from : Carana Ivan

Luis Vazquez
My shit🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Luis Vazquez

Queen Nicki is the best tho❤️🌹🔐💋
Lhurff dis song so much

Comment from : F C J

Jessica Walden
I love this song!
Comment from : Jessica Walden

Maria Haingura
Thts a good one, dedicated to all liars😔
Comment from : Maria Haingura

Becky Mona
This a complete dedication to my ex
I got only the memories no more feelings
You didn't know what you had until I was gone

Comment from : Becky Mona

Max Black
This song is for real
Comment from : Max Black

K. R.
Comment from : K. R.

Vincent Pulizzi
Is this about Nicki's relationship with Safari?
Comment from : Vincent Pulizzi

Kayla Dunlap
This one hits home just got out of an abusive relationship and he left my state today aka hometown and went back home where he from I wish I never got with him and yes I do take all responsibilities for my actions as well I think he do I will always love him therefore the recovery process and life has been hell and I've had mixed feelings since we called it I just hope he hears this song and understands how I feel
Comment from : Kayla Dunlap

J Counts
CHECK me ouT y'all 😍

Comment from : J Counts

Shally Slim
November 2019
Comment from : Shally Slim

Sadie Stephens
All hail the queen of rap💕💯
Comment from : Sadie Stephens

jordion bailey
I miss her rapping like this 😞. I love her so much ❤️. This song hits hard
Comment from : jordion bailey

fatou Bah
Cardi could never sing songs like;bed of lies,freedom,dear old nicki,right thru me,marilyn monroe,the night is still young

Nicki is a lyrical woman and she's born with natural talent so y'all can't compare her to other female rappers in the game

Comment from : fatou Bah

r o s e
i was home alone, contemplating overdosin :/
Comment from : r o s e

Isaiah Beckford
October 26th, 2019?😝😝😝
Comment from : Isaiah Beckford

Amahle Yamangwane
Comment from : Amahle Yamangwane

Ice Queen
Nicki has a big legacy. queen.
Comment from : Ice Queen

Gianni Vieri
I never loved anybody like I did my Jimmy. . now he's gone I just hope God keeps him safe.
Comment from : Gianni Vieri

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